Enjoying Guernsey.


As Bertha had her wicked way with the Channel Islands, we have remained in St Peter Port, Guernsey, while we waited for the lessening of wind, rain and wave. With winds gusting thirty-five knots at least, the sea state has remained rough, keeping us somewhat trapped on this small island. However, this is no bad thing! Giving us an excuse to explore the island rather more than we ordinarily would, we have visited the Guernsey aquarium, which houses amongst others, a rather lovely seahorse that was found on a nearby road.


We took a long coastal walk to a nearby bay, in which we had lunch and paddled in the sea.


We took tourism to the next level, with a £1 bus, which took us around the island, and dropped us off at a beach, on which I found the wooden butt of a musket, washed up during the extremely high and turbulent tides. We found an agricultural show on the other side of the island, showing renowned Guernsey cows, and what we can only assume to be a local heart-thumping tradition – lawn-mower racing, for which feisty youths pimp out their sit-on grass clippers and, well, race them.


What has been truly awe-inspiring during our stay has been the moon, which has been at it’s closest to the Earth in twenty years these past few days. Rising magnificently, we have dashed up on deck, snapping photos, and searching in vain for the shooting stars forecasted. This very close moon plus the tides being on springs, making the tides naturally very high, has resulted in the second highest tide ever, beaten only by the highest astronomical tide ever recorded, which was a mere 10cm higher. We have watched while sipping gin and tonics each evening as the tide has gradually crept higher up the harbour wall, placing the boats higher than the cars parked, until eventually spilling over and lapping the tyres.


So although I may giggle at some of the more quaint customs of Guernsey; I still find their use of the Guernsey pound a touch annoying, as British banks wont change them, our stay here has been lovely. Guernsey has provided us with lots to do, and not usually things we would do, so I take my hat off to this lovely little island. We’ve had some fantastic food, of which I detail in my food blog; Little Crick’s Big Appetite, please head over there to have a look at what we’ve been treated to, and now we’re just hoping for some glorious weather so we can big a happy farewell to Guernsey and head for France!



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