Bonjour Granville.

St Malo

While in St Malo we intrepidly found a launderette, making the boat look like a Chinese laundry, adventured to a big supermarket on the bus, and giggling at all the amazing, and strange products – sacks full of baguette and giant Babybel!

St Malo St Malo

After collecting Emily and Alexis, and spending far too much of our time in a local bar (forget cassis, kir framboise is a new revelation), we headed out for Granville, which is further up the coast, and just noses into Normandy. It was a beautiful sail, and the pale ones among us were all sorely burnt – naughty. An entrance into Granville has to be timed, due to the sill. The sill acts like a dam, keeping enough water in the marina for boats like us to remain where the harbour would naturally dry at low tide. We skimmed over the sill just in time, made late by a cruise ship’s determination to squeeze through a lock exactly it’s own dimensions, and watched from our berth as the water poured over the wall of concrete, which is submerged at high tide.


The town of Granville is lovely. The city is split into the old town and the new, with thin cobbled streets and quiet, shuttered houses atop the steep cliff to the beaches below. The new town is a tad run down, with many bedraggled streets climbing the hills. We found Christian Dior’s first home, and walked round the pretty gardens, which are open to the public, however the impressive cathedral was unimpressively closed.

Grenville Grenville

The town itself was bedecked with market stalls, as all of the shops empty their rails onto the street for braderie; a few days of the year when shops nationwide purge their stock in a street sale for the coming of the new season. My mum, Emily and myself partook of the sales, buying matching silver bracelets and ribbons to tie our hair with – the seller of which insisted on putting our hair into chignons there and then!

St Malo

The town has a rocky beach, with a sweet little lido, which we haven’t had time to visit, however, with the weatherman’s promise of a high this week, we hope to move on to the Iles Chausey tomorrow to anchor off, and perchance even swim!

St Malo


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