Divine Intervention National 12

The next chapter

It is with intense excitement that I announce we have a boat! George and I now co-own our very own National 12!

We drove a couple of hours to see her after work last week, fell in love with her, attached her to the car there and then and set off home. She was a little naughty on the journey, and the mast kept slipping off the trolley, meaning we had to stop every few miles to check it. That together with two major road closures meant we finally got her bedded down for the night at Shoreham at midnight. But she was home.

Introducing…Divine Intervention – we’ve started calling her Di for short. She’s a Numinous design, National 12. She’s paleish blue, was built in 2008, and our sail number is 3520.

Divine Intervention National 12

Friday evening fiddling 

We went down on Friday and spent the evening fiddling, changing the main and jib halyard, lubricating the mast track, changing old elastic for the dangly pole, taking the road covers off, putting the mast up…

Elated, we pootled home at 10pm with fish and chips tucked under our arms.

Divine Intervention National 12

Nipping round the harbour

The next day dawned very breezy and a little hazy. We were not to be discouraged – we had a new boat to sail! We got rigged, changed (see my previous post on all the gear), and pushed her onto the water, only to be blown about like a mad thing.

To give you a clear picture of just how windy it was, the only boats out were the RNLI boat, and us. Needless to say we didn’t make it out of the harbour.

Anyway, a couple of awkward tacks, some irritated swimmers and an untied mainsheet, and we decided to call it a day.

Divine Intervention National 12

What Sunday mornings were made for

Sunday was glorious. We pootled down, along with around 20 other boats from the yacht club for what was a truly lovely sail. We took our time getting used to her, some more than others (me). George was truly patient in explaining each and every bit of string to me, and then we even followed the course of the race, sitting just behind the others.

Divine Intervention National 12

Post-work fine-tuning 

On Wednesday night we ran out of work on the bell and shot down to the yacht club for a quick sail. This is a regular occurrence at the yacht club, mostly followed by a beer and a BBQ.

I think this was the most fun we’ve had yet. The winds were nice and calm, but still gave us some good sailing. Di is really very fast going upwind – it’s a glorious feeling. Downwind we need some more practise, but George is already figuring out where he should be sitting when going downwind; his sliding around seems to help her to plane.

I was working on holding the jib off the cleat to get a feel of where she wants to go, and experimenting with the dangly pole a little more.

We did the race, although we started a minute late – how do they get down there so speedily after work?? Must practise our dash-kit-snack-car-rig-change-water routine. And we did come last, but we are the slowest boat there, even with the handicap. Plus it’s only our first race!

I for one am elated. As we finished packing up Di and wandered over to the car, G put his arm round me and I said ‘It’s actually quite good fun, isn’t it?’ and he laughed and said ‘Yep, it really is.’

Divine Intervention National 12


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